Our team is the driving force of HUB Code. We’re a close-knit bunch of talented individuals with a strong passion for our specialties and a dedication to delivering exceptional results. Each of us brings our unique skill set and love for what we do. Because ultimately, our difference lies in how much we care. We at HUB Code aim to conquer the digital world with our mission. Our mission is to create a digital platform for all businesses. If you are a small and thriving business, we are here for you. Our ambition is to guide you create your digital assets by helping you establish your brand in the digital market.

Meet Our Team



Vitus Rodrigo is the Founder & Director of The HUB Code IT Services with a vision to help small businesses and startups to launch their website and app ideas and take over the digital market all around the globe with our expertise in technology. Vitus mainly manages the the operations of the company and personally looks after the projects in order to deliver client’s satisfaction. 

We try our best to help the client grow their business globally with us. 

The HUB Code is your one stop hub for all the IT services which includes : Website Development, App Development, Software Development, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO Services, Logo Creation, etc.



Lucas Marcas, situated in Australia, is a distinguished marketer within the esteemed ranks of HUB Code. Leveraging the expertise of Lucas and the HUB Code team, we assure the delivery of top-notch web development services encompassing websites, applications, SEO, and digital marketing. Clients are invited to place their trust in HUB Code for the creation of premium-quality websites and applications.

What sets HUB Code apart?
HUB Code distinguishes itself by collaborating with clients to tailor solutions that align with their budgetary constraints. Our commitment extends beyond development, as we ensure that your future projects gain visibility on platforms such as Google and social media, courtesy of our sophisticated digital marketing team.